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No doubt GameFi is the closest entry to a metaverse. A variety of games from our platform are currently being created and trademarked NFTs are privileged across all games.

Shortly, we will connect with third-party game developers to make the platform even more diverse.


A game that combines the elements of Roguelike and Battle royale with unique voice control features.


VozNFT is built to become the safest, most convenient, and most diverse market for NFT.
With strict security audits and leading contract technology, it’s set to safeguard all investors.

  • A Wide Range Of Products

  • Transaction Made Easy

  • Strict Security Audit


MetaVoizz will provide the best nutrition and growing space for DAO organizations.

We will gradually open up DAO community segments, with a safe and transparent contract and voting mechanism in place, it will be de-centralized to ensure opinion leaders and DAO members a trusting environment to invest.

MetaVoizz is here to welcome you at any time.