Clicking, reading and other operations can be incentivised with platform tokens, so you can raise your own virtual avatar and improve your earning efficiencyYou can also pay tokens to support your favourite virtual idols to get fan tokens, thus becoming a member of a new win-win fan economy system that combines virtual idols and fan groups.

The proceeds generated by the virtual idols will burn idol tokens, benefiting the eco-system in a long-term deflationary state.

Link your blockchain wallet

Purchase a Avatar NFT from the market

More virtual avatars give you a richer way to gain as well as energy

Choose the type of Avatar NFT

Different virtual avatar will have different attributes which will determine the efficiency with which you can acquire tokens

Earn Tokens

Invest in virtual idols

Avatar NFT

Income ceiling

Become your avatar, enter MetaVoizz, and complete missions to earn tokens

Consume MVT/XT

Upgrade your Avatar NFTs to increase your efficiency in earning tokens

mint Avatar NFT and sell in the market

Invest in virtual idols for revenue