Avatar NFT

The rights of a virtural NFT owner

The quality of NFT affects the efficiency of acquiring XT and the daily acquisition limit
Access to cryptocurrency XT
Live stream on MetaVoiizz platform
Priority access to games in VozGame
Receive XT airdrops
Priority rights to purchase the governance coin: MVT
Access to the Governance Coin MVT airdrops
Rights to invest in virtual icons
Rights to invest in gaming projects

Virtual avatars FAQ

1.What is a Virtual avatar NFT?

Virtual avatar NFTs are the only passes in the MetaVoizz universe.by holding them, the owner has the right to shape the MetaVoizz ecology and can profit from it.There are different types of Avatar NFTs, and they give owners different profits.

2. What is XT?

XT stands for X Token, the exclusive cryptocurrency of the MetaVoizz universe, and its base currency, which can be obtained by completing missions within the platform after acquiring a Virtual avatar NFT.XTs can be used to upgrade your NFTs, invest in virtual idols, or web3 games.

3. How do I get a virtual avatar NFT?

Access to virtual avatar NFTs can be obtained by.Project Operations Event Airdrop.MetaVoizz Mall purchase (Coming soon).Bred by two avatars (Coming soon).

4. What are the types of virtual avatar NFTs?

Participant NFT.Receive additional bonuses through simple interactions like clicking, reading and viewing platform content; receive basic rewards through other actions.Creator NFT.Receive an additional bonus for live streaming, game development, UGC development, etc.; basic rewards for other actions.Special status NFT.A higher bonus for specific in-platform interactions; basic rewards for other actions.

5. What are the qualities of a virtual avatar NFT?

Rarities have the following effects.The rarer the NFT, the more premium its traits are, and the faster it can obtain XTs.

6. Can I upgrade a virtual avatar's rarity?

No. Rarities cannot be upgraded, but levels can be.

7. How to increase the daily acquisition limit of XTs?

There is a daily cap on the number of XTs a user can acquire.Having more virtual avatars can raise this limit until reaching the maximum number.

8. How to upgrade and recharge your virtual avatars?

Spending XTs to upgrade a virtual avatar, and enhance all traits.A virtual avatar's life energy will decrease when it's at work, but it can be recharged by spending XTs.Enhance a virtual avatar's traits to decrease the speed its enegry deteriorates.