Enter MetaVoizz now

The "egg" hatches into a virtual Avatar NFT

Complete platform missions to acquire X Tokens

Investing in virtual idols and obtaining special status NFT

MetaVoizz is a web-based system for web3 socializing. It rewards users for interactions and generates account value via web3.After receiving Avatar NFT with different social identities, they can earn tokens, grow the NFTs, and explore more in the ever-expanding world of virtual idols.MetaVoizz uses blockchain technology to improve user loyalty.

Fun & Earn

MetaVoizz represents a new way to socialize and is partly owned and operated by users.

Earn X Tokens by participating in fun content and deciding the future of virtual idols and the world they live in!

MetaVoizz ´╝ÜVirtual Avatar

NFTs are the only passes in the MetaVoizz universe; by holding them, the owner has the right to shape the MetaVoizz ecology and can profit from it. There are different types of Avatar NFTs, and this can affect how fast they earn a profit.

Unlike other GameFi projects, MetaVoizz promotes the concept of Fun To Earn as a way to earn money, which is the cornerstone of MetaVoizz's long-term sustainability.

After a regular Avatar NFT reaches its full level, burning that NFT will result in a custom avatar with a unique backstory, appearance, personality and even a birthright as a native of the affiliated universe;You will then be able to earn native land income and issue your own virtual idol tokens.When you become a MetaVoizz landlord, you can increase your rewards even more by participating in related content.

MetaVoizz: Affiliated Worlds

Become a landlord in the MetaVoizz affiliated worlds and own your territory which can produce rare resources, rare NFTs and Tokens.











Investment features and XT system added

A new cryptocurrency wallet added

Virtual avatar function added

Open Test

NFT Avatar traits added

Airdrop feature added

Virtual NFT's minting and decorations modules launched

Virtual idols - investment module launched

NFT Mall launched

Web3 Social system building