What can you do at MetaVoizz?


Blockchain video streaming solutions with token incentives

Games - Life - Music - Sports - Investing - Social Think what you want and earn while you play!


Gamefi Co-creation based on co-governance tokens

Affiliated worlds inside the MetaVoizz universe are built upon tokens that guarantee co-governance and this makes sure the investors' funds will be safe.

Avatar NFTs

Gamified interactive social

-Avatar NFTs: represents your social identity at MetaVoizz.
-All actions within the platform can generate real value through the Avatar NFTs.
-Avatar NFTs can also be upgraded to increase yield.

The event will start on April 2023, stay tuned!

VozNFT Mall

A trading marketplace for MetaVoizz and its affiliated universes, where multiple worlds come together as a trading hub.

The mall will open on April 2023, stay tuned!