Core Technology

After countless experimentations and tests, and with a series of complicated frontier technology, MetaVoizz has created a simple and user-friendly platform.

Embedded Wallet

Our embedded wallet provides a one-click, no-code solution, allowing traditional game developers to easily access their own branded warehouses. In addition, users could also link the wallet to their intellectual property store at MetaVoizz. Thus users could manage the store or warehouse in reality, and digital assets in Web 3.0 simultaneously with one digital wallet.

Customized Mall & Store

At MetaVoizz, users could quickly build their NFT stores and create and list their game NFTs or digital assets for sale and circulation. Additionally, the mall and stores support most major payment methods within both the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 frameworks.

Metaverse Social Attributes

Game developers can use our live-streaming platform, where any virtual character or avatar of the game could turn into a real streamer in reality.

The virtual streamer could interact, chat or play games with other players and fans via our streaming components. Furthermore, the avatar could act as a spokesperson or a promotional staff for games or digital goods.

An Open Blockchain Framework

All the solutions above and other perks provided by MetaVoizz allow anyone to build and operate their blockchain games, NFT stores, live-streaming channels, etc. You could find any tools you need to start your second life in a metaverse and Web 3.0 era.

Advertising Platform

MetaVoizz has designed a smart contract exclusively for advertisers. Advertisers could list ads on Metavoizz to drive more traffic from specific queries by subscribing to an advertising plan. These advertisers include game developers who want to promote games, fashion brands that want to boost awareness of their physical products, and digital artists who sell virtual artwork. Above all, the revenue from advertising would be distributed as a reward to the contributors of MetaVoizz.

MetaVoizz Clients

The client pool includes clients from web, pc, and mobile. All interfaces from different portals are made easy and straightforward to navigate. Users could participate in games and interact with game streamers without hassles.

Users who closely follow news about metaverse could subscribe to relevant news from mobile with one click to catch up with the latest zeitgeist.

Users could also earn bonuses with an advertising plan. They could then use the earned rewards to exchange for new game tickets and NFTs.

Through our simple and friendly app, users could share their emotional values and earn real payback for their contributions to the community. This way, the relationship between players, streamers, developers, and advertisers could remain more positive within a healthier ecosystem.

Client Features

- Game interactions

- Digital wallet

- P2P payment

- Popular trends (UGC content)

- Participation in games with streamers