MVT is the governance token of the MetaVoizz universe; holders will shape the future of MetaVoizz by demonstrating their support for ecosystem upgrades and directing the use of the community vault.

What is MVT

MVT is the glue that holds the MetaVoizz ecosystem together.Members with MVTs can invest their tokens into building affiliated universes, playing games, viewing content on the site and participating in key governance votes. Users can also earn MVTs as they engage with various content at MetaVoizz and through incentive programs.

Constructing Affiliated Universes

MetaVoizz will have several affiliated universes where users can invest MVTs in the construction of affiliated universes and benefit from it.


MVT is the payment currency for the NFT marketplace; MVT is also the currency used during selling/auction by the MetaVoizz team.


The Community Finance Department will receive the revenue generated by the MetaVoizz ecosystem and governs the whole community.